Marxists Speak Out: 200 Days of War” panel on September 14th 2022

On September 10th/11th, a panel was held entitled “Marxists speak out: 200 Days of War. Stop the war of US/NATO imperialism against Russia! Stop the US preparations of war against China!” The panel was timed to coincide with the 200th day of the war in Ukraine. It is now clearer than ever that the conflict was provoked by US/NATO as part of its long held efforts to dominate the Eurasian landmass by finally subordinating Russia. It is also clear that the war of US/NATO imperialism against Russia is occurring simultaneously with US plans to ratchet up conflict with China as it prepares to potentially wage war on two fronts as part of a drive to World War 3.

The panel included Marxists from ten countries across five continents of Marxists who presented their assessments of how the war in Ukraine is progressing and what impact is this having on the class struggle internationally They also discussed how Marxists should be responding, organising and intervening in the response of US imperialism’s turn towards fascism and world war.

Groups and individuals presenting included:

κομμουνιστικη επαναστατικη δραση / Communist Revolutionary Action (Greece)
Consistent Democrats (LCFI  Great Britain)
Bolshevik Tendency
Socialist Fight (Great Britain)

North America
Class Conscious (US/Australia)
Friends of the Soviet People (US)
Socialist Unity Party (US)
Partido Obrero Socialista CR/ Socialist Workers Party CR (Costa Rica)
Mike Gimbel (US)

South America
Liga Communista / Communist League (LCFI – Brasil)
Partido Communist Do Povo Brasileiro/  Communist Party of the Brazilian People  (Brasil)
Tendencia Militante Bolchevique/ Militant Bolshevik Tendency  (LCFI – Argentina)

East Asia
Bolshevik Group (South Korea)

South East Asia

Komite Esperansa (Timor Leste)

Anti-War West Sydney (AWWS)

The panel built on two previous panels that have been held since Russian launched its military intervention in Ukraine. The first was held one month into the conflict and perhaps at the height of the pro-imperialist war hysteria entitled “Marxists Speak Out: On the Conflict between Russia and Imperialism”.   A second panel was held in August entitled “Marxists Speak Out : Victory Day, against Nazism and Imperialism, yesterday and today”. A May Day declaration against the imperialist war on Russia was also issued and signed by many of the groups involved today.

This was the first initiative though organised under the banner of the “WORLDONFIRE – Worldwide Organising Network Against Fascism Imperialism and Exploitation”. It is hoped that this becomes an ongoing network to organise internationally.

The panel was streamed live to the “A Call for Action: Stop US led imperialism’s war against Russia & China” Facebook Page but is also hosted on the a WORLDONFIRE Youtube page.

Marxists Speak Out: Victory Day, against Nazism and Imperialism, yesterday and today: May 14th 2022 Panel

On May 14th 2022, a panel was organised to mark the anniversary of Victory Day on May 9, 1945 which marked the surrender of Nazi Germany in Berlin. The victory over Nazism was not the work of Russian nationalism, but of the proletariat of the Soviet Union against the greatest monster ever created by imperialism against communism. Hitler’s defeat was the second greatest victory of the world proletariat after the Bolshevik revolution. 77 years after the fall of Nazism, Western imperialism is once again using Nazi forces inside Ukraine as the spearhead of one of the largest military coalitions in history against a single country, a massive imperialist front as part of its wider war plans to dominate Eurasia through the subjugation of Russia.
This forum to be held on 14 May is aimed at groups of Marxists from around the world who see the current conflict in Ukraine in this context and therefore support:

• Russia’s right to self-defense against Western imperialism and for the defeat of NATO and imperialism in the war in Ukraine

• The right of the Donbas people in the Donetsk and Luhansk Republics to resist the Nazi forces sent against them by the Banderites of Kiev and their imperialist patrons

• The struggle against imperialism and fascism which have always been inseparable. The day of final victory over Nazism will be the day when humanity will have succeeded in completely defeating imperialism and capitalism.

It is part of ongoing efforts to build links between groups and individuals who wish to build a genuine anti-imperialist movement internationally based on Marxist principles.

Liga Communista LCFI (Brazil)

LCFI Consistent Democrats (Great Britain)

Tendencia Militante Bolchevique LCFI (Argentina)

KED (Greece)

Class Consciousness (Australia. USA)

Partido Obrero Socialista (Costa Rico)

Socialist Unity Party (USA)

Bolshevik Group (South Korea)

Socialist Struggle (Great Britain)

Fracao Trotskista (Brazil)

Communist Party of Brazilian Workers (Βραζιλία)

Pommunist do Communist Brasileiro (Brazil)

and comrades: Fernado Ximenes (East Timor)

Mohammad Basirul Haq Sinha (Bangladesh) Make Gimbel (USA)

Transcripts of the speeches can be read here

Marxists Speak Out: On the Conflict Between Russia and Imperialism March 30th 2022

Below are the details, video and links to transcripts of the first Panel held under the banner of Marxists Speak Out on March 30th 2022

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has quickly became a defining moment for the Marxist movement. The failure of the majority of Marxist groups to support Russia’s right of self-defence against NATO has effectively subordinated them to US imperialism. Given that the proxy war between NATO and Russia in Ukraine cannot be separated from the accelerating drive towards World War 3, this is of historic significance. This crisis however is also an opportunity for those Marxists groups who unequivocally oppose US imperialism and support those in its cross hairs to regroup and draw together. They need to become the kernel of a real anti-imperialist, anti-war movement.

As part of this process Marxists from and Liga Comunista in Brazil have organised this forum entitled “Russia’s right to self-defence against Imperialism- Marxists speak out”. Groups speaking include: Class Conscious (Australia, US) Liaison Committee of the Fourth International (Argentina, Brazil, UK, US) Bolshevik Tendency (Canada, Germany, Ireland, UK, US) Κομμουνιστική Επαναστατική Δράση – (Greece) Devrimci İşçi Partisi of Turkey Socialist Fight (UK) Socialist Unity Party (U.S.) Bolshevik Group (South Korea)

Transcripts of the speeches from the March 30th panel can be found here.